Ignite is a weekly Student Ministry event at Grace designed for 6th to 12th grade students. Our goal is to introduce students to who Jesus is and teach them how to follow Him by learning what the Bible has to say about living a full life. We want to help them get connected and begin to consider what they think about God.


Along the way, we hope to create environments where they can find friendship, community, and learn how God has gifted them as they begin to live out their faith with generosity and compassion.




If you’re a Middle and High School student, we invite you to come to Ignite.

Wednesday Nights from 6pm – 8pm on site

What to expect:


From 6pm – 7pm, we eat pizza and hang out playing the most legit board games on the market today.

From 7pm – 7:30pm, we tackle a topic or chapter of Scripture and engage in not only what it means, but also how it calls us to change our lives today.

From 7:30pm – 8pm, we catch up together in small groups. We talk about life, struggles, and our thoughts to unpack our week together.

Here Are The Top Three Reasons To Come To Ignite:

  • Jesus: Our primary goal is to help Jesus make sense. In a world of Wikipedia, YouTube, and Netflix, trying to figure out Jesus can be a real challenge. We want to cut through all the noise so Jesus can make a real difference in life. If you’re a parent, we want to walk and partner with you in this pursuit.


  • Face to Face Community: Although technology is helpful, if it’s the only way that you engage and connect with others it can get in the way. We play captivating and interesting board games to experience a sense of community from a different perspective.


  • Mentoring: having someone else speak into your life and help you navigate the struggles, pressures, temptations, and confusion of Middle and High School life can make all the difference.

Can’t make it to Ignite?


We’d love to hang out with you throughout the week. Drop us an email.




Serving is faith in action. It allows us to experience God together and increases our faith. How? It’s a front seat to not only watch, but be a part of God changing people’s lives. In fact, you were created for service. God has given you specific gifts and a valuable role to play in focusing on and caring for others. You’ll be drawn to very the heart of God.